30 Years – Love.

30 years today. Time really flies when you’re having fun.

30 years ago today, Tress and I got married. Last night, I said to her I can’t imagine what the love of Jesus for his church – His Bride – must be like, if my love for her is only a hint of Jesus’ love for His Church. If I think I love Tress so much, how great Jesus’ love for his church must then be.

How do I – how does one – respond to love this great? What part do I play for the church – His bride – to grow in its love for its groom? In response to such immense, incomprehensible love?

We were at the Glen shopping centre yesterday, for lunch and some grocery shopping. There was a photo booth of sorts, that has a “Love is love” board as a background for folks to take pictures. It’s “pride month”. If only this world would turn to the true love that Jesus, and the Father, demonstrates his church and this world.