Dark and Cold Weekend, Thank God for State of Origin…

Tress and I took a drive to Tulla airport last Friday night. Her flight out to KL would be late that night, but we left just before 7pm, after a quick bite at the Forest Hill Chase shopping centre. News of long waits had taken over headline press earlier that morning so we were hoping to get in a bit earlier.

I dropped her off, parked the car, and came back to join her in the queue for checking in. When she had done that, we said goodbye and I drove back home, listening to the appalling cave-in by Hawks, to the Doggies. The Hawks remain in rebuild phase, I guess.

I got home, let the boys out, and watched something on TV before retiring to bed, and be ready for a couple of weeks of being alone, while Tress spend some precious time with her family in Klang…

I slept in on Sat morning, then took the little one for a longish walk, before coming back to do some cleaning. The house got a thorough vacuuming, the sofa covers (old sheets to protect the furniture from the boys’ rough treatments…) got vacuumed and aired/sunned – it had been a sun filled morning for which I was very grateful. Several hours later, the house felt fresher (for now) and I washed up to head out for some grocery shopping later in the arvo.

The little one got another walk when I got back, then the boys got fed and I then (finally) put my feet up to wind down and go to bed.

On Sunday, at St Alf’s, it felt strange when people looked at me and thought “he’s alone”. Some knew Tress was going to be away and teased me about it (“hello batch”). I then had a chat with someone who is on the Board of SparkLit and continued our conversation about me becoming involved in some way.

The whole of Sunday was very grey and wet – I had been caught out when walking out of St Alf’s to the carpark, and got a bit drenched. So when I got home, I promptly cooked a soupy thing for myself – noodles with spinach and an egg, all in a heart warming bowl. I looked out the windows constantly and everytime I thought the rain would clear for a little bit, I headed out for a quick walk – I badly needed to be refreshed on such a dreary day, made worse by being alone… . The dark clouds hanged on interminably and the poor little guy constantly gave me looks to say he too, needed to go out for a walk, and so when there was a clear window of opportunity again, we both headed out and he got his walk – we headed back just as the rain returned, and we only had to deal with the last 50m or so in the rain. Thankfully, the older one is pretty ok without a walk.

Later that night, I had the tele on and realised the State of Origin Game 2 would be on. So I ditched the program Tress and I usually watched on Sunday nights. The glitzy cook show with frequent tear jerking moments, was parked while I took in the beating the Maroons had at the hands of The Blues. It’s always great to see NSW doing in Queensland. I had been a student in NSW in the late 80’s, when the likes of Wally Lewis and Allan Langer from Queensland battled ET (Andrew Ettinghausen) and Wayne Pearce of NSW. I mainly watch AFL now but for the State of Origin series, I make an exception and switch to NRL. That helped me deal with a cold night alone, at the end of a very dreary day. I was grateful for that…, as well as for having both the furry boys snuggle up close to me on the couch, on a fresh clean cover, seemingly without a care in the world as they wander away in dreamland.