Laurie Oakes – The Sage – tips…

Gillard has apparently called for a ballot on Monday. The old sage Laurie Oakes from Channel 9 was commenting on the Today Show this morning, and he said Rudd and his supporters need not respond to that. They could tell Gillard there will be a challenge but it would not to the PM’s timing. The reasons are simple – firstly, there would be no time for campaigning. Secondly, parliament is still sitting and should the ballot result in a change of PM, negotiations with independent MPs would be required and parliament could not simply be suspended for that to happen.

All very sound arguments to a lay person like me.

What was interesting however, was the sense that Laurie Oakes sounded like he was advising the Rudd camp on the appropriate response. Oakes is a known Rudd fan and he doesnt mince his words in showing his disdain for Gillard. Rudd supporters would be all ears when Oakes speaks, Oakes probably knows that.

Whatever the outcome, at least Australian politics is a little bit more interesting. Interesting stuff that the country can do without however… just bring on the elections.


Will 23 March Speak?

How many votes and how many seats do you think Labor would have lost or not received in the last elections, had voters knew Gillard was going to go with the Greens and introduce the carbon tax?

How many voters who voted for Labor would have voted someone else – either the Coalition or an independent – had Gillard campaigned saying, at least in so far as the carbon tax is concerned and leaving aside other issues like giving Territories outright law passing rights, that she would team up with Bob Brown and his Greens? That would have set off a whole chain of activities which would likely shift the mood and results in a different direction, or not?

Will we have a whiff of the hypothetical outcome on 23 March, when the conservatives plan to hold rallies against the carbon tax?