Winter Wonderland

It felt cold when I woke up this morning. Sure enough, the “weatherzone” app said it was 4 deg. The awful toothache last night made me feel more vulnerable than usual so I got the coat out although usually the cold is well managed by the post gym and train heating combo. I’m glad I did. Although the 50mins on the cross trainer generated a lot of sweat and endorphins, by the time I tossed the gym bag in the boot of the car and swapped it for the “Harry Hoard”, I could feel the cold. I was glad I got the coat out. It’s the last day of autumn but it felt like winter wasn’t going to wait for an invitation.

Tress and I went to an Indian joint last night. After 2 nights of wonderful noodle soup at home, the usual running out of idea dilemma hit us so we opted to explore our own backyard. Ganesha’s is a little joint just across the station and we’ve driven past it daily for years but somehow never got around to patronising it. It was an ok place and I guess I wouldn’t mind going back at some point. The naan however was a bit chewy and the lamb in the lamb korma was a little tougher than I expected it to be. I suspect that was at least partially responsible for the toothache.

We had gone for dinner straight from the station and hadn’t gone home and so we got home late and with the toothache bugging me I didn’t take the little black jedi out for his walk. I felt really bad for him but I simply wasn’t up to it. Tress said she feels sorry for him now, because he’s home alone a lot these days. Tress and I are both out of the house by 7am and we’re not home till close to 6pm earliest. He seems a little different now, although when we’re watching tv in the lounge room at night he often sits at our feet or on the couch with us, or even on our laps – that is when he expects to be scratched, especially just behind the ear. We’re always glad to oblige.

When we got to bed I started to read a bit and had kiddo’s message flashed across the top of the screen. She sounded like she was about to embark on one of those fun all-nighters trying to finish up a biggish essay with the clock appear to be ticking a lot quicker than usual. I tried to encourage her a bit, but woke up this morning to find her still slaving away but somehow still finding time to let others know her sentiments as she pushes her way through and along in this journey.

I guess the take away is that it’s the season for work and in the course of our respective work areas, we’re recasting and reshaping our lives – Tress and I here in Melbourne and returning each night to a house with just the both of us and the little black jedi and Kiddo in Canberra in her well heated room and facilities amidst the very cold surroundings. This is the best part of winter for me.



Elliptical Ride

I’ve been down to a max of 2 runs a week now. Most weeks it’s just once. Other days I’d be on the elliptical cross-trainer – less impact.

This morning it was a very labored 7k. It took more than 45 minutes. Extremely embarrassing except it doesn’t bother me much these days.  It no longer bothers me I don’t do a 10k in 45 minutes, and as long as I’m doing some form of cardio work out at least 3 times a week, it’ll do by me.

The bigger worry is the lack of picture of the future. I don’t know what I want to do. I guess I can go on doing what I’m doing now, but that would mean (after February) coming home to an empty house for a couple of hours before Tress comes home, and wondering what else I can fill my time with other than doing my MST studies. I’m not sure if I should be returning to a legal role instead. It would be more satisfying in terms of doing work each day, to just turn it on, boom booom boom, and then coming home at the end of it all before doing 1-2 hours of MST studies.  The pay packet would be heaps better too, which would come in extremely handy given what has to go to the nation’s capital city to keep kiddo going.

Yesterday I sort of worked out kiddo’s calendar, to have the key dates set out so that we have a better idea of whether any given weekend would be a good one for us to be with her. I think I’ll see a fair bit of the Hume Highway going forward. Maybe missing a few weekends at church here in Melbourne too.

I wish the route ahead is as “non-impact”  as the elliptical trainer.