The Eagle has landed

That was how my brother captioned a pic of their plane finally arriving at the Sydney airport. They got in on Saturday morning, and drove up to Taree yesterday, after waiting for Isaac, my nephew, to arrive from Hong Kong. David, Jean and my mum make up the company of four for the drive to see Nicole, my niece and Isaac’s sister, who is an intern at the district hospital there.

The night before, Tress and I went for dinner at a lovely and buzzing Italian restaurant at The Glen. We hadn’t been to The Glen on a Friday night for a very long time now. My apprehension about it being a super overly busy place was misplaced, and while the restaurant precinct was busy and buzzing, the other places were pleasant. We took our time to wind down the week, before coming home for another night’s footy on the telly.

On Saturday, the weather was very nice and we had slept in, with the little fellow jumping onto the bed to join us in the morning. Later, I took him for a long walk, and Tress went for a hairdresser’s appointment. I joined her later, to get a long overdue haircut (hadn’t had one since just before we went up to Canberra to welcome Little Abby). Our hairdresser is at The Chase so we had lunch there after we were done, got some groceries, and then came home to get ready for our first game of the season at the MCG. We left the boys with Heather, then took a train from Syndal to get to the game. It was a Hawks’ home game but on the train, we were outnumbered by Demons gear. I guess that’s the way it is when we’re bottom of the ladder and the Dees were on second spot. They’re flying high now while we’re “rebuilding”. The scoreboard later affirmed this state of affairs, when at half time, we managed to kick one miserable goal, against their 7-8. Somehow, we managed to pick up our game on the third quarter so that we ended up a little bit more respectable and it wasn’t a total mauling. It was great to be back at the G nevertheless.

On Sunday, David Williams, from CMS, spoke on the second part of the series on Deuteronomy. Peter had started this the previous Sunday. It is about “Choosing Life” by obeying God’s commands and David’s talk emphasised how God’s command isn’t really an opinion or a recommendation. It was a command, and it wasn’t subject to cultural sensitivities and such other considerations. He applied it to the current standoff between the Church of England and the rest of the Anglican Communion, and the recent statement made in Kigali. It was an uncompromising message from David, as usual, and it left one with a very clear choice. I’m glad he said what he did.

Later that day, we received updates of David & Co., drive to Taree, and their dinner there with Nicole later that night. Their adventures Down Under have begun, and I look forward to when they arrive in Melbourne next Sunday.