3 weeks (and counting)

Tress and I have been in Canberra for 3 weeks now. I continue to work remotely, out of this little AirBnB joint in Chapman, just a few minutes from Kiddo and Mic’s home. Tress has a roster going with Mic’s mum, where we take turns to deliver meals to the new and constantly exhausted parents.

We love to steal a few minutes each day, cuddling little Abby every time we’re there. We’d say we’d hold her so they can eat their dinners (or lunch) but in reality we’re the ones being nourished… it’s an amazingly thrilling and satisfying experience just holding this little bundle of joy. Little Abby is very good almost all the time. She feeds, she sleeps and she soils her nappies. Repeat. When she is awake in our arms, she’d look up to see who was carrying her and talking or singing to her.

Yesterday, we joined Kiddo, Mic and Little Abby at the Southside Bible Church. It’s our second time there. It’s also Little Abby’s first ride in their new car. We (Mic and I) had gone to Belconnen last week to get their new set of wheels. Like many mums and dads everywhere, they got an SUV as their daily ride, so the little bub can have a little more safety and comfort. Southside Bible Church feels like a warm and conservative outfit. Strangely however, it was a “Youth Sunday” last week, with no mention or it also being a Palm Sunday. Not even the (very lengthy) sermon made any mention of this very important event. It was like Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem just before his crucifixion, was of little importance.

After church, Tress and I drove to Woden to get them some takeaway lunch. Brodburger is a well loved Canberra place – they had their sumptuous burgers while Tress and I got some middle eastern stuff from a food truck next to Brodburger. Known as “Little Mez”, the food and coffee were very good. The owner operators were also super friendly so it was all a terrific experience.

This morning, Tress and I went for a walk before I started work. My right leg is well and truly on the mend – my range and mobility has improved a lot, but not enough to resume running. I also want to be well enough for that drive back to Melbourne in a couple of weeks. As much as we miss our little furry boys and our home in Melbourne, I’m not sure I’m waiting for that to come around too quickly.