Temporary Abode

Tress and I worked ourselves a bit to the bone over the weekend. We tidied the house – inside and out – in preparation to leave it for a little while. We also shopped for stuff we wanted to use in our temporary abode here in Chapman, Canberra. It’s sort of a microcosm of an ante room, a theme of this blog.

We got into Canberra yesterday arvo, just after 3.30pm. We left home just before 8.30am, so it was the usual 7 hour drive. We had left the dogs with Heather the night before, the hardest of several hard things we had to do. I said to Tress all these “hard things” we’d done, should be left aside. The main focus is what counts. We’re in an ante room now, awaiting.

We “checked in” to our AirBnB home here in Chapman, ACT, yesterday arvo. We chatted with Fiona, the host for a bit and then began to unpack and set up our home for the next 5 weeks (at least). I unloaded the Mazda that was packed to the rafters, up and down the beautiful steps that lead to the wing of this lovely home. Tress unpacked, I set up my work desk to replicate my home office as closely as possible, and contacted Kiddo and Mic to let them know we’ve arrived in Canberra. A bit later, we made the 5 minute drive to their home and met them to catch up for dinner. We trekked into the city, had dinner and then caught the “Enlighten” event before heading back home. Our ante room home.

This morning, I went out for a walk/run through the Cooleman Ridge Nature Reserve. It is a much more beautiful spot than my usual run routes back in Forest Hill, so I stopped more to take more pictures that I usually did. I had prayed earlier in the morning, that the wait would not be long. I quietly hoped the arrival would be on time, but acknowledged He makes all things beautiful in His time. So, we await while I work away in this ante room.