Paddy Teh (6 Chim) – Her take on the TEH Reunion (a gem)

Every few years (3?) my late father’s side of the family organise a reunion where they meet at Fraser’s Hill, a hilltop resort, for a few days. They recall the legacy my grandparents left behind, and sought to “pass the torch” so that the faith journey that my late grandfather started, will continue and continue to flourish.

I have never been privileged to attend those reunions but I’ve followed accounts of what happens there.

It appears my 6 chek and 6 chim (Stephen and Paddy) were there for the recent most reunion that took place end Dec 2022/early Jan 2023. The following is what Paddy wrote, and it’s so heartwarming I thought I’d include it in my journal here.

TEH REUNION 2022 – from a first timer’s perspective

On Thursday 29/12/2022, the sun shyly peeped
after a lengthy rainy spell.
A convoy of cars meandered the bends
from KKB (Kuala Kubu
Baru) to Fraser’s Hill,
after our lunch date
in Restaurant 98.

Members of the Teh clan
made their way to Rumah Methodist,
nestled among the luxuriant greens
for the Teh Reunion 2022.
I wonder what would this Reunion be
to a first timer like me.

It began on a rapturous note
when old ties were reknotted
and threads of new ones emerged,
once the walls of awkwardness
came a crumbling
and in the room, warm joy came a filling.

A huge wave of oneness
swept over us,
and we were swimming – surfing –
in a sea of Belonging.
We discarded our initial nervousness,
when we sang “Lai Sin Ya So Jin Ho”
and later when into the dining room we did go
our Doxology harmonised so melodiously
we sounded like angels – so heavenly!

Oh yes, I was impressed by our “mini mart”
with goodies from near and far.
Pouchy pomelos from Ipoh,
Exotic XO sauce from Singapore,
Tempting Tim Tams from Australia,
Crunchy cookies from Hong Kong,
a variety of gourmet teas
with more varieties of coffee,
and – even our very own
home-grown-brewed Timah
or was it Fatimah?
But do you know what was missing?
Our fruity king!

As an old newbie, what I liked most
As an old newbie, what I liked most
was the intergenerational mix
when in group games, we were thrown in a fix.
What did a serene 84–year old year old have in common have in common
with a bouncy 4–year old?
A zest for fun, frolic, laughter and life
and on a long-awaited-to-be-used adrenalin we thrived
The energetic youngies were sensitively considerate,
they gave the slow poker oldies time to hesitate and re–calibrate

As a first timer, I believe
that the Teh “reunions” were birthed many years ago
when the Teh family gathered in 29 Lorong Duku
when the Teh family gathered in 29 Lorong Duku
to worship in songs,
read the Bible,
share the Word,
every Friday.

Our patriarch Teh Chye Heng and matriarch Quay Ah E
had the spiritual foresight
and insight
to bring the family in unity
to honour our GOD Almighty.
A “vision” that was re–captured by Ryan Lian
who shared on Jesus, our Living Hope
for Jesus is the only One who helps us to cope
in times of trials and triumphs.triumphs.

A timely message about a timeless God!

To me, this Reunion was more than just
coming together.
It was a time of building each other in the Lord
as we shared our lives,
our ministries,
our struggles,
our successes

and being reminded that we have a faithful God,
who is always with us.

Our patriarch and matriarch watched from heaven
and smilled with deep contentment
when after three days, that convoy of cars descended
the Hill.

We thank God for inheriting such a priceless legacy,
God and Family.