The Rabbit Arrives, the Tiger leaves.

It was another busy week at work last week, so as is often the case, I had started to feel drain on Thursday night and dragged myself through Friday, finishing up a few pieces of work. Tress and I then had some downtime at the Flavours of Mekong place on Friday night, where I felt a bit rested and I even sensed being recharged in some way.

On Saturday, the boys had their clipping/grooming sessions booked in and that finished ay about 10am – the older LBJ started his at 8am, and the little Padawan, at 9am. The groomer has started to be a bit unhappy with how the little Padawan was a bit tricky to work on, and she had also increased her rates rather quickly. When I handed her what I thought was what was payable, she said I was $10 short. $190 for the both of them. Then she and I had a chat about what to do with the next one, as we’re scheduled to be in Canberra then. That too was testy and when that was over, I said to Tress just dealing with this groomer has become difficult and has stressed me out.

We then cleaned up and headed out for some grocery – it was Chinese New Year’s eve and Jason and Mel had invited us over, along with the Hippos. We had ordered a dish from the Mekong place but I had also wanted to cook another dish. So we headed to The Glen, which was just heaving. There was a queue for the roast pork/BBQ meat shop that stretched maybe 20-30m long and the whole place just felt really busy. I guess that also meant it felt festive. If we were in Klang, the wet market would have been filled out from dawn. I guess it’s a bit like Christmas at the Sydney Fish Markets where I’d start work at 1am and by about 4.30am, the first customers would stream in and by about 6am, the crowd would be about 10-12 deep.

We had a cosy and good time at Jason and Mel’s – we talked and ate, and Tress gave the Hippo girls their “angpows”.

The next day at St Alf’s Tress and I donned our red outfits and that invited a few comments and laughs. Many understood it was Chinese New Year and that was why we did that. Or, more politically correctly, it’s the “Lunar New Year”. Some said the Vietnamese version has this year as the year of the Cat! The rabbit takes second slot in Vietnamese communities I guess. Tress and I were also on communion duty and after service, I witnessed some doc signing for someone while we stayed behind for chats. We then left and had lunch at Donvale, at one of our favourite Malaysian joints (Laksa Village).

Later that arvo, I cooked the boys’ meals as well as our own lunches, before we took the boys to the oval. It had been a sunny, warm and still (relatively) day so it was very pleasant. All through the weekend, we’d been looking at WhatsApp messages with numerous pictures of our relos back home, celebrating the new year. I wished I could be there, but I did not miss the will through-the-night fireworks, so I guess it’s a mixed blessing of sorts. Tress had, on Friday night, also decided to come along with me to Taree next weekend. I had made plans to check out how Nic our niece is settling down there and it was really good to have Tress now coming along with me.

This will be a short week – Aus Day on Thursday and then an early night on Fri so we can make an early start on Sat morning to head north. The festive and family times continue, I guess.