Heat dialing up, niece in Oz

Summer has finally made its presence prominent. It was very hot on Saturday, and there was a bit to do to tidy up the outsides of the house. Tress and I ditched our usual home brekky and headed to the Honey Thief bakery up Canterbury Road, as the crow flies from our home. We had some pastries and coffee, and we had the little Padawan with us. We than took him to the Bunnings store at Nunawading, as I had to pick up a few items to work on the gardens etc. later that morning. One of them was a safety goggle. The last time I did some edging with the whipper snipper, it caught something and flew up at my face, nicking some half an inch above my left eye. It left a little scar, but the bigger scar was the realisation that it could have taken my eye out. Hence the goggle. It was the first time the little Padawan visited Bunnings and they had a little fake grass mat to line the top section of the trolley so it kind of worked for him.

We got back before 9am, and we quickly started work as the heat would, very soon, be a little unpleasant. Tress also quickly cleared the corner where the composting bin sits, as weeds had built up. I edged the lawns, wearing my newly acquired goggles, and felt much safer. I then trimmed the milkwort that sits outside our bedroom, as Tress had been complaining it has started to block out the light. Mowing, sweeping etc followed and as we finished up close to 1pm, the heat had descended and it had crept up to 32+ degrees. We washed up and headed out for lunch and some grocery shopping.

St Alf’s on Sunday was a regular event. It was much cooler, with a top of 22deg forecasted. At St Alf’s it was just under 20deg so it was near perfect. Earlier that morning, the little Padawan was also much more perky when I took him for his walk and it was around 16deg. The cooler conditions made for a less lethargic day. After lunch, we came home and I cleaned the weber kettle and GA grills, to prepare them for the cooks for the coming Chinese New Year meals this weekend. The cleaned barbeques looked far better, after having left them uncleaned following some recent cooks.

We had caught up with Jason and Mel for dinner on Friday night and as always, it was nice to just chat over some very nice food at the Laksa Village restaurant at Donvale. We had also been following the family WhatsApp chat, to track the comings and goings. YY had gone back to Klang for a holiday. He has been in Taiwan for a few years now, doing his uni course in education. Nicole had also left Malaysia, and has arrived in Sydney. She will head to Taree in a day or so, to begin her 2 year contract with NSW Health. Last night, Tress, Kiddo and I had a chat about catching up with her. I messaged Nicole to ask if she had any plans a couple of weekends from now. Tress and I hope to catch a quick weekend flying up to Port Macquarie and driving to Taree from there. I wanted to catch a glimpse of what her journey would be like next couple of years, and be in the know she’ll be right. If I were Daniel, I’d appreciate that heaps. I hope we can do that.