Christmas buildup, and World Cup drama

It was the weekend before Christmas, so Tress and I busied ourselves cleaning up around the house. I did the outside – the hedges, grounds, lawns etc., and Tress did the inside – vacuum, toilets etc. The weather was beautiful – sunny and only mildly warm – so we attacked our tasks with great energy and enthusiasm. We only finished well after 1pm., and just as we were about to head out for a late lunch, A Hooi and U Marloney dropped by and gave us some mangoes they picked up from the market.

We headed out to the Knox shopping centre, to check out the newly renovated “Food Precinct” type of place. For all intents and purposes, it is still a food court of sorts. We had our lunch at the “Local Hero Singapore” stall, then walked around the refreshed shopping centre to pick up stuff.

We then got home, walked the little fellas as soon as the cricket match ended, and then put our sore feet up to exchange messages with Kiddo and Mic. They’ve been asked to create a registry for people to get them baby stuff and they wanted some thoughts on what they did.

Sunday after St Alf’s we did our usual lunch and grocery routine. Later that arvo, I cooked the boys’ meals and then I put up more lights on the front lawn. The set of lights had been picked up over a week ago but I had been busy at work. The Whitehorse Council Carols are back for the first time since 2019, and the weather was perfect again so we headed out to Tunstall Park after walking the boys a bit earlier than usual. The Carols were packed – Tunstall Park is a bit smaller than the Whitehorse Civic Centre, where it used to be held. We had our rug and chair in a far corner, took in the event for about an hour, and left when the churches’ event were done.

Earlier this morning, I woke a bit after 3.30am, and watched the World Cup Final between Argentina and France. The South Americans had been 2-0 up then, so I thought they would just win it. Alas, more drama unfolded as the Europeans scored two quick goals to level things up. The leading players for both teams – superstars Messi and Mbappe – had been involved in all goals. At extra time, both these megastars continued their involvement to make it 3 – 3, before the Messi and his men won it through penalty kicks. What drama.

I went “back to bed” for a bit and woke up bleary eyed, but the run sort of woke me up well. The weather had continued to be beautiful and although it was a bit nippy at around 6degrees, the sun was shining and the run felt good. Good enough to start the last working week of the year. Kiddo and Mic will visit from later this week, and will stay for just over a week. It really is beginning to feel more like Christmas.