2022 ending soon, planning for 2023…

It was off to the Olivigna restaurant at Warrandyte on Thursday, and the back to good old Enrik’s in Blackburn on Friday. Yes, it’s that time of the year. Christmas functions line up to fill our glasses and tummies.

Thursday was an office/work function, and Friday was the St Alf’s growth group break up dinner. Tress too, had hers several days before, and I had missed one with Steer too. Thankfully, there is none teed up for this week but next week there’ll be a couple more, before the Christmas break starts. I can’t wait. Not only for some feet-up time, but also to catch up with Kiddo and Mic, who will be coming down from Canberra.

At Enrik’s on Friday night, we were to first to arrive and then Graeme and Rosemary joined us, before the Churchwards and Helen showed up. Surprisingly, Mike and Ros showed up early too. They had been in NZ for a holiday and were returning on Friday night. They were going to join us straight from the airport but we received a message from them earlier that arvo, saying their flight had been delayed. It was a really good time of catching up and saying goodbye for the year.

On Saturday, we watched the Argentina v Netherlands World Cup game. It was an exciting game, with the Dutch popping in 2 goals in the closing minutes to level scores and take the game into extra time. Earlier on, the little genius Messi had made a really good pass for a team mate to open scoring, before they added another. It stayed 2-0 for a long time before the Dutch maestro coach – Louis Van Gaal, who also managed Man Utd for a little while – opted for the ‘big forwards – pump in long balls” approach. It worked but the Dutch went down in penalties. Game over, it was time to swap the cars again. So after walking the little fellow, I washed the Mazda, took out the Lexus, then swept up the spaces before leaving the Mazda inside and then also giving the Lexus a wash. Tress did some vacuuming too. At just after about noon, we finished up and did our usual lunch and groceries routine.

On Sunday, it was England v France and the French looked the better side. They prevailed, and will meet Morocco (!) in the semifinals later this week. After the game, I took the little fellow for a walk, before we went to St Alf’s. A guy rostered for the reading didn’t show and Peter walked up to me during the service and asked if I could do it. It was the first time I did the reading but Tress thought I did ok…

After lunch and a bit more shopping, we came back and I did the usual cook. Later, we teed up our arrangements to be in Canberra in March, for the much awaited arrival of Little A. We finalised bookings for an apartment not far from Kiddo and Mic’s home. I wonder what it would be like living in that tiny place for up to 5 weeks. Later last night, I rang my mum and we spoke on the phone. Apparently, she too was updated on the MCRI whirl that came up and I said to her I’d be remaining where I am. It made our March 2023 plans easier to deal with and mum sounded happy and relieved to hear that. So I guess that worked out well.