(Closer to) Crunch Time

Jacob famously wrestled with God. Tim Keller has a terrific podcast talk on that, which I may need to revisit. Actually it wasn’t so much a podcast talk as it was a sermon delivered in his NY City church, but I listened to it in a podcast, many months ago now.

The past week and a bit has certainly felt like a wrestle of sorts. Nowhere near the level of Jacob’s well known wrestle that’s for sure, but it did keep me more or less immersed and I’ve been feeling spent.

I just spoke to AR a short while ago. He rang again to check in, and said the written offer from MCRI should come in sometime today. I need to map out a plan to speak with a few people, once that offer is to hand.

Last Friday night, Tress and I caught up with Jason and Mel at a newish bistro in Vermont. It’s only a very short trek for us so when Jason messaged to say they’d be late, it didn’t bother us. The MCRI matter had been in my head anyway, so I was distracted from our usual Friday night soiree. We talked – a lot about MCRI and my thoughts about it, but also about our coming summer plans. It’s always good to catch up with them,

On Saturday, we walked the little fellow, then we went grocery shopping. Tress’ cousin’s wife was coming for lunch and we had planned on doing a barbie. Back home later, I tidied up the gardens and Tress did some vacuuming. We finished just before 1pm, got cleaned up, and Tress picked up YS from the tram stop near Burwood One. I cooked, we ate, and chatted about work, family, the world cup soccer that’s going on now, and cricket (!). A bit after 4pm, Tress dropped her off at the tram stop again and I cleaned up the barbie grills. It had been a sunny and very warm day so we took the boys out to the oval again, just a bit after 5pm, as the cricket had ended early.

Sunday was going to be even warmer. We got up just on 6am, but not because of the warm weather. Australia was playing the mighty Argentina for a place in the quarter finals and everyone’s been pumped. Australia played hard and well, was well organised, but ultimately lost, mainly on account of Messi’s genius. After the game, I walked the little fellow before heading off to St Alf’s. Peter was starting a new series – on 1 Peter.

Late on Sunday arvo, we had a “Doggy Christmas Party” at the oval. Folks just brought nibbles and drinks and we sat around with our furry friends, to soak in the late summer arvo warmth as we sipped our drinks and fussed over our dogs. For just over an hour, MCRI was nowhere near my mind and I (and all who were there) felt relaxed. It was very pleasant.

Later that night, we had a chat with Kiddo and Mic, who were on the way home after their church service. They both provided some very positive points and they sounded far more focused on the salient issues. I guess they could be more objective than yours truly for obvious reasons. They sounded far wiser than I.

To state the obvious, I had been praying about this for weeks now. I am none the wiser, which was why I had reached out to different folks to seek advice/counsel. I am still none the wiser but at least the guide rails for a decision are in place for me now. I hope.