Life… Journeying On

Tress and I went to Flavours of Mekong on Friday night, for our TGIF meal. Francis, the owner/operator, was gracious and engaging as usual. We struck up a casual conversation with a family at the next table, who has a young son doing Year 8 and looks the happiest child. Strangely, he loves fish so we recommended our favourite, the barramundi assam. We also had the beef rendang and some fishcakes. As always however, we packed away the unfinished food so that we’d have a couple of meals that we’d throw into the freezer for whenever.

We have been watching/bingeing on the Yellowstone series for a couple of weeks now, and that was what we did again when we got home from our TGIF dinner. For some reason, I didn’t end up getting a good sleep so Sat morning I was a bit twitchy.

We teed up a catch up with Ruth and Jonathan, Tress did some quick vacuuming and I quickly swept the driveway and car ports, as well as refill the bird seed dish, which them promptly saw the return of those beautiful Eastern Rosellas. The recent wet weather has kept them away and I hadn’t been filling that dish with their food too, as anything I put in would be quickly washed away.

Sunday at St Alf’s it was end of year thanksgiving and sharing morning. We were asked to huddle into small groups to share our thanksgivings – I said I was grateful and thankful, that we’re sort of back to normal now, being able to meet and see each other in person. I was also thankful that Kiddo and Mic would be parents in March next year.

Later as people walked up to share what they’d been thankful for, it showed again, that we all have our journeys that we walk through. Often, God is there without us knowing.

Ruth, Jon and Micah showed up later that arvo and it was wonderful to catch up again. Micah is a wonderful kid – he’s in Year 1 now and he’s obviously a smart boy. Ruth has been busy with her practice as a Geriatrician in the Kyneton area and Jon has been busy with the home, Micah and his car projects. They had been travelling and will travel again in a few weeks, when they’d join the rest of the clan in Klang and beyond, for the family reunion event up at Frasers’ Hill. I had thought about going for my first one this year, but now, I’m just excited about being in Canberra from mid-March next year, to share in Kiddo and Mic’s wonderful journey receiving the arrival of Little A.