Can you help…

I just noted the date of this entry – it was exactly a month ago now.

I went for a first round interview a few weeks ago, and about a week ago. I was told they were going for an internal candidate. I felt a great sense of relief, as that meant I didn’t have to make the decision of going or staying. That decision had been made for me. I thought that was the answer to my/our prayers. I had also confided in an old friend who rang me a few days later, to “advise” me to not proceed. He thought I’d be better off staying where I am. So to be told I’d not proceed with second round interviews was like a burden lifted from my shoulders, personal disappointment notwithstanding.

A few days ago however, AR rang me again. He said the COO had really liked me and had wanted me to go to the second round of interviews. A member of the panel (in the first interview) however, thought I was a bit too introverted for the role. The COO wasn’t too keen with the internal candidate and had asked if I could be included in a second round interview.

So here I am, back where I was about 3 weeks ago. Back in the frame. Back to the dilemma I had written about in that entry.

If you’re reading this and you have some thoughts or advice, please feel free to comment or contact me. I’d really appreciate hearing from you to have a better handle of how to decide.