Always tired…

We were at the oval with our dogs yesterday arvo, when the group we were with let out yawns one after another. It was a humid day, with La Nina ruling the roost in recent weeks/months. Thankfully, the storm didn’t show up till late so we were able to spend the day out and about.

Those yawns tell us something I guess. Many of us feel tired and I have felt tired for months. Low energy levels appear to be the plague that refuses to go away.

It was St Alf’s 60th anniversary yesterday. The service was terrific. Past vicars and other staff members showed up, and told of their times in St Alf’s together with parts of scriptures that helped them reflect those times. Helen Petering the muso, chose a string of songs that represented their respective eras. They evoked an emotion in me that made me nostalgic and I thought of my days in the Klang Chinese Methodist Church. That church (“KCMC”) has a history of over 120 years and had I continued to live in Klang, I would have been in that church for over 50 years. As it were, we’d been in St Alf’s for just under 10 years and it hasn’t felt like we’d been there that long.

After the service, there was to be a barbie lunch but I told Tress that probably meant snags on white bread and some salad. Tress has never taken to snags but I guess the deal breaker was more down to my low energy levels. I was just tired and making conversations with folks in St Alf’s was going to require an energy level that I wasn’t up to. So we headed off after the service and had lunch at our usual place in Donvale.

The day before, had also threatened to be wet so we didn’t make a lot of plans. We walked the little one in the morning – took advantage of the dry weather – and then just pottered around the house before heading off for lunch and grocery shopping. Later that arvo, Tress had her ethereal pursuits and I spent some time cleaning the front windows and the sliding doors, as well as bits and bobs around the house. I then cooked the boys’ food before walking them again and then putting up my feet for the night.

We had gone to a Thai restaurant on Friday night – the Yaring Thai in Mitcham – which was very good. A hole in the wall sort of place, it served the best Thai food in our neck of the woods. The constant stream of customers nipping in for their takeaways, was testament and affirmation of our thoughts about the place. After dinner, we went home to stumble on the Shawshank Redemption on TV. We hadn’t watched this for years so we sat through it, reliving the brilliant Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman characters. SR always brings a smile to my face. The story about hope and perseverance never tires. Maybe that’s what I need to deal with this always-tired feeling.