Warmer, more “at rest”

It has been very wet in recent months. When we drove up to Canberra recently, the landscape was very lush and green. The shrubs, hedges and lawns in our home have also shown rigorous growth. The James Sterling has been growing like they’ve been on the juice. They’ve grown a lot and the foliage has been thick and lush. All this meant I couldn’t put off a full on hedge trimming (and related) job for too long. Thankfully, it was dry on Saturday so we planned to work on the garden to tidy things up.

The boys too, had their grooming session booked in on Saturday so they too got clipped and cleaned up, as I worked on the garden. It took me the whole morning, from just after 9am, to well past 1pm but at the end of it all, it all looked far less messy. The James Sterling, at this moment as I work from my study and look out the window, look far neater. It was a worthwhile effort.

We dropped by The Glen for a quick lunch and did some grocery shopping, before returning to walk the boys. I had felt drained by then, as the morning’s work, coupled with a late night on Friday, had seen my “body battery” plunge. We had indulged ourselves on Friday night – having had a really nice dinner out at Enrik’s we came back and binged on a few episodes of “City on a Hill”. Kevin Bacon is very good value and language aside, the story lines, acting and everything else was very enjoyable. I guess the language just comes with the setting – the grotty context of police work in Boston… Anyway, we watched several episodes and only went to bed near midnight, which is about 2-3 hours past our usual bedtime.

So we went to bed early on Sat night, and it felt like summer is well and truly around the corner, at long last. On Sunday, it was an “all age” service in St Alf’s and Ross and Naomi put on a terrific presentation to capture the essence of Hebrews 1 and present it to the younger audience. It was creative without sacrificing the gist of the text, and had really effective application points too. Peter was back from long service leave, and he made the announcement that Mike was leaving so head up another parish. Mike McNamara has been the minister in the service we attend, since we started at St Alf’s so it was a sad piece of news for us personally.

After St Alf’s we headed to a little Malaysian restaurant in Donvale. It is one of our regular local joints and we bumped into some very old friends – people from Klang. Ronald and Cat, and Andrew Hang and Bee Lye, were together and we chatted to catch up just a little bit. Andrew even paid for our meals so it was a very pleasant occasion 😊.

Later that arvo, I did the usual cooks – for the boys as well as for our own lunches. When that was done, we took the boys to the oval. I was decked out in shorts and a polo and the warm day, the cooks, the catch up with old friends – they all add up to make me feel like I’m in familiar territory, which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside as well. Physically tired but at rest, mentally and emotionally.