Awe and Wonder of a Cup Weekend

We trekked up to Canberra over the Cup Weekend. We left just after 8am on Saturday morning, with the two furry little guys tucked into their beds on the back seat. The older one whines at the start of every drive but he’s done this trip many times. It was however, a first experience for the younger Padawan. He got a bit distressed so we stopped numerous times to calm him down and let him walk around the bushes a little bit. We arrived late in the arvo and later that night, we went to a Korean joint for a very good barbie dinner.

The next day we walked the furry members of the family and then stopped at a local cafe for breakfast and very good coffee. The local joint is owned and run by a young bloke with a young family and he came across as a really nice guy. Later, we went to a local Baby Bunting and looked at baby stuff. Kiddo told me about a whizz bang bassinet (“Snoo”) that helps a baby sleep better but BB didn’t have it. We looked at other stuff however, before heading to do some shopping at a DFO styled place and then to lunch at a bakery nearby.

In the arvo, we went back to their home and Kiddo prepped the week’s lunches and I cooked some food for the “boys”. Later that night, we went to Kiddo and Mic’s church – Crossroads – at the ANU, and listened to a really good sermon by Marcus Reeves, the minister, about the Word of God. I wouldn’t try to set out any points as I wouldn’t know where to start – there were so many great points, woven together really well. The link is here.

Kiddo and Mic were at work on Monday and it was terribly wet (as it had been all weekend) so we just pottered around., before catching up with Desmond and Siew Lean, Mic’s parents, in a Chinese Yum Cha restaurant nearby.

The highlight of the trip however (albeit for a grand total of some 5 minutes), was the 20 week ultrasound near Canberra Hospital. To see the images and footages of little Abbey moving around on the screen, took my breath away. The wonder of God’s creation played out like no other creatures of His, before our very eyes. It brought back images of me in that delivery room in the hospital in Subang Jaya all those years ago, when I saw a purplish little Kiddo turned into a bright, beautiful baby, all within a moment of wonder.

After the imaging session, we had brunch in a cafe nearby where we stuffed ourselves silly, before taking that long and arduous drive back to Melbourne. It rained heavily for the most part, and the potholes became camouflaged so it required extra concentration to make the journey safely. I was jellied when we got home and we went to bed very shortly after unpacking and headed to the shops for a quick grocery shopping.

What a Cup Weekend…