Weekend life resumes normality

Tress and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary a few months ago. We had Tress’ Auntie Hooi and her hubby Uncle Marloney with us and since then, they have been talking about catching up with us for a meal – their shout. We finally caught up for this on Friday night. We had a really good time just chatting over some lovely food at the Flavours of Mekong restaurant at Nunawading. They told us about Ray and Leslie his new wife, about Justine their youngest, who has just landed a role with Denton’s, and about Nat and her partner Chris. We also talked about the wider family, as well as what we’d been up to in church etc. Francis the owner, as always, loved to hold court and joined us occasionally and kept the conversations and exchanges going in a lively manner. We were there until nearly closing time.

On Saturday, it was very wet in the morning so we just pottered around at home and did the homework to prepare for the St Alf’s small group discussion, which we were rostered to lead this week. We then headed out to lunch and grocery shopping. The rains dried up later in the arvo so we took the little boys out for their walks, before we did a really nice smoked salmon on the weber go anywhere.

On Sunday, we did the usual rounds of St Alf’s and lunch. Rene spoke on Rev 21 and as always, the sense of hope and renewal is a fantastic dose of positive mindsets. He suggested that is how we are to base our present day living – how true is that… Later that arvo, I did a quick mowing of the lawns, cleaned up after that, and then smoked some pork tenderloins on the weber go anywhere, to be used in a special fried rice later. All done just after 4pm, we again took the little boys for their walks. The rains had dried up and the day turned for the better (much much better) and we just soaked in the sun.

The Friday night catch up’s, the housework, the cooking on the weber go anywhere, and the talk on Rev 21, all added up to be a really pleasant weekend, (very) damp weather notwithstanding.