2 weddings and a (royal) funeral

Kiddo and Micaiah came down to Melbourne on Friday night. We picked them up from the airport and we spent Saturday together, with a lunch at a nursery cafe at Warrandyte. It was a lovely spot, albeit with some very ordinary weather. I got treated to an early birthday meal – Kiddo and Mic bought the food and Tress got the coffees and some cakes.

We also had dinner at a local Chinese place just down the street, but then had to retire early as Kiddo had to be at the Chews’ residence from 5.30am the next morning. Samantha, Jason and Mel’s “little” girl, was going to be married on Sunday, 18 Sept.

I woke up early on Sunday just as Kiddo did, and I dropped her off at the Chews’ as planned. The house looked busy even at that hour and I as reversed out of their driveway, others were also making their way there. I got home, tried to get back to sleep and later that morning we dropped the little fellow at Heather’s and then pottered around the house before getting ready for the wedding, which was to be have a 12.30pm start. Tress, Mic and I made our way there soon after 11.30pm, and the weather threatened all day, with dark clouds hovering over us, heavy rain expected.

The wedding went well, although I said to Tress that Mel looked tired and stressed. During the wedding, we heard heavy rains on the roof and the rains continued into the night. We had planned to drop Mic at the Langham in the city, where the reception was going to be held, and where many will stay for the night. Kiddo and Mic had also booked to stay a night. The Hippos kindly offered to give Mic a lift as they too were heading into the city. So Tress and I drove home, changed out of our wedding attire and then went to get coffee at the local food court. We had a couple of hours to chill out before heading into the city for the reception so that was really nice, as I had started to feel how long the day was going to be.

The reception was a formal/black tie affair so guests (most anyway) were decked out really well. Brendon, the groom, is a Vietnamese Chinese guy and I don’t know Vietnamese culture too well so I assumed the full-on lion dance in the guts of the Langham must have been a Chinese influence. It was spectacular and made the occasion rather special.

We got back late, and I decided I wasn’t well enough for work so I took the day off today. We’ll give Kiddo and Mic a ride to the airport later this evening. What a month it has been – 2 weddings and later tonight, a (royal) funeral. Queen Elizabeth II died some 10 days ago and her funeral will be on tonight, going into tomorrow morning. We’ll watch the proceedings on tv, at least the early bits. The occasion would be too historic to miss entirely.