Kiddo’s visit

One of Kiddo’s mates from years ago, will be getting married next month. She lives in Melbourne. Saturday was her hens night so Kiddo flew in on Friday night. We got out to Tullamarine, picked her up and came back to some soup that I had made earlier. It is always good to catch up and chat, which we did a bit of the whole weekend.

On Saturday morning, we slept in a bit, then we walked the little fellow, together with Kiddo and chatted some more. We then got home and had some pork rib congee I cooked. We then did some quick shopping before we headed to South Melbourne. The hens event was to start at a “sip and paint” place. We drove there, and Tress and I (along with the little fellow whom we brought along) went to the market and wandered a bit, had coffee and a couple of little hot jam donuts, before coming home to walk the guy at the usual spot – the oval across the road.

We then settled down to watch some TV and the Melbourne v Carlton game was riveting. The Dees edged the Blues at the very end, with their small forward kicking the winning goal with some 15 seconds to spare. After the “sip and paint” exercise, the hens party was to head to Chapel Street for dinner in some fusion Japanese place, and then to bar hop after that. We waited for Kiddo and when she finally got home about midnight, we had some “Tang Yuen” soup – a dessert of glutinous rice ball stuffed with peanut/sesame in a soup of ginger and palm sugar syrup. It was comfort food that Kiddo always enjoyed so we sat around the dining table, way past midnight, and chatted some more.

Sunday morning, we decided to skip St Alf’s, so we took our time and followed the live streamed service for a bit before heading out to Box Hill for a noodles lunch at a Malaysian place (“Malay Kitchen”). Then we got home, Kiddo packed and we headed out to Tullamarine again. As we approached the drop off point, we received news that a gunman had discharged firearms at the Canberra Airport. We could see Federal Police pulling up at the Tullamarine airport too so we started to think the flight may be delayed, if not cancelled. Thankfully, it was only slightly delayed and it then turned out her flight was the last one out to Canberra, with several flights after hers cancelled. I was very grateful for that. I think we were all a bit tired last night, but it had been a wonderful weekend of just spending time together. It’d be some 5 weeks before she and Mic visit again, this time for the wedding. It should be good again then.