Anzac Day and Celebrations Ahead

This will be another short week. Yesterday was Anzac Day. Tress and I had wanted to attend a dawn service, but alas, recent busy days got the better of us. We weren’t strong or resilient enough to get up very early and get to a service. We had checked out that there was one in the Blackburn service at Morton Park but we slept through it, unfortunately. I wasn’t proud of it – will hope to make it to one next year.

Over the weekend, Tress and I made some plans to get together a bunch of friends and relos for a dinner in June. We thought (more I than Tress) about having a bit of fun as the 30th year draws near. Kiddo said she and Mic would come down for it. To make it easier for everyone, we thought we’d do it a bit earlier, to take advantage of the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. It also meant Kiddo and Mic would find it a bit easier to make the trip.

Tress has also planned to make a trip back to see her folks. It’d be her mum’s 80th, also in June. I guess this gives me a bit of time to psyche myself into looking after the two furry boys all on my own. It can be a bit stressful, but also fun I guess…