Anzac Day and Celebrations Ahead

This will be another short week. Yesterday was Anzac Day. Tress and I had wanted to attend a dawn service, but alas, recent busy days got the better of us. We weren’t strong or resilient enough to get up very early and get to a service. We had checked out that there was one in the Blackburn service at Morton Park but we slept through it, unfortunately. I wasn’t proud of it – will hope to make it to one next year.

Over the weekend, Tress and I made some plans to get together a bunch of friends and relos for a dinner in June. We thought (more I than Tress) about having a bit of fun as the 30th year draws near. Kiddo said she and Mic would come down for it. To make it easier for everyone, we thought we’d do it a bit earlier, to take advantage of the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. It also meant Kiddo and Mic would find it a bit easier to make the trip.

Tress has also planned to make a trip back to see her folks. It’d be her mum’s 80th, also in June. I guess this gives me a bit of time to psyche myself into looking after the two furry boys all on my own. It can be a bit stressful, but also fun I guess…


Easter (Extra Special this year), LBJ

The Easter long weekend has been really good in terms of giving Tress and I a bit of a break. We attended a Good Friday service at St Alf’s and then mulled around the weekend with long walks for the dogs and doing some cleaning. We swapped the cars, pushing the Lexus into hibernation mode and getting the Jedi back into operational!

On Sunday, we attended Crossway Baptist just down the road from our place. Tress’ godson, who is my mate Alex’s youngest, was baptised together with his older brother, Alex’s oldest. It was an Easter Sunday made even more special for the baptisms. We got the younger fellow a nice bible (we hope he liked it) and for the older one, who is on the spectrum and is a really special bloke, we got him a special hat that says “It is well with my soul”. We hope he likes it too.

Earlier last week, the HR person rang to organise a meeting with her along with my boss. She said it was coming up to 6 months (on the 18th) and that meeting was to talk about the end of what is the typical 6 month “probation period”. They asked if I was happy and my boss talked through his plans to hand things over. I said I was happy to carry on (if they wanted me to) so that sort of “confirmed” I “passed my probation”. I guess the thrust of it is I am not unhappy (well not for the most part anyway) – it has been very convenient getting to work, with the office being so close to home, and the work is, on the whole, ok. It gets very busy but what role isn’t and busy is often better than bored anyway.

LBJ has been unwell. He has become very disorientated, with a little incontinence problem too. He has given off an “I’m in pain” sort of a cry on numerous occasions. He is often just standing on a spot, back arched. He goes to the oval for his walk/fun/”play” time only 1-2 times a week now. We’ll be taking him to the vet to see if there is something we can do for him. Tress and I are often sad when we see him sort of in an unhappy state.