At The G Again, Joshua and… Pilgrimage?

We resumed our Friday night dinner in a local joint. This time, it was a Lebanese restaurant at the Forest Hill Chase. It’s called “Mazaj” and it was a really nice place. We had asked Jason and Mel to join us and it was a wonderful evening of catching up over some very delicious food, friendly service and beautifully presented surroundings.

On Saturday, we pottered around after taking the little ones for a walk – more leisurely than on weekdays. I then cleaned out some air conditioning and rangehood filters, before we headed out for our groceries and lunch. Later that arvo, I fixed my pushbike to get it ready for rides to work in the coming weeks. The front breaks had been a bit fiddly but (hopefully) that’s fixed now. I also got other bits and bobs fixed, like the D lock bracket and the holder straps on the back. It was a hot and humid arvo and I was drenched when it was all done. I then joined Tress and the little guys on the oval before coming back for a quick shower to end the day.

After St Alf’s on Sunday, we hurried home and got ready for Hawthorn’s first game of the season. It was great to be back at the G, with clapping, cheering, roars and groans and shouts of “ball!” (i.e., holding the ball, a no-no in Aussie rules football – you have to get rid of the ball tackled etc.). All those little experiences in a spectator sport in an open arena amongst tens of thousands of people, were always going to be invigorating for an otherwise “ground hog days” existence. Other than of course, the recognition that our life must be lived in the light of what God is doing.

St Alf’s has been doing a series on the book of Joshua. The narratives that involved killing off whole communities have been disturbing. So Peter looked at those narratives in the context of what God is doing – from the promise to Abraham to what Jesus completed on the cross. Along with filler ideas like use of hyperbole those narratives presentated differently, perhaps less unpalatable. I’ve also continued to listen to podcasts of Tim Keller’s sermons and together, I’m asking again, what I need to do to live our a life that reflects I am not my own, but I am His. John Bunyan’s pilgrim I need to be.