Times are “a changing”

Recent sports headlines are showing how sophisticated leading characters of our nations’ major sporting codes have become.

Pat Cummins is the captain of the Australian Cricket Team. He’s come under fire in recent days for his role in the sacking of Justin Langer, the coach. Yesterday, after days of screaming silence, he fronted the press. What he said showed how calm, thoughtful and sophisticated the new captain is. He’s more than just a millenial woke young man. He is perceptive, considerate and well… impressive!

Here’s a clip from The Australian newspaper today.

A second story to have grabbed the headlines was on the alleged behaviour of Simon Goodwin, the senior coach of the Melbourne Footy Club (AFL). Melbourne are the reigning champions and loom large as a club to beat in coming seasons, so this is a big story. He was alleged to have been abusive and bullying towards the ex club doctor. His reaction too, showed strength and a sophisticated take on what the press had simply tried to make out as bad behaviour on his part. In other words, I was impressed with this reaction too.

Here’s a clipm from the Herald Sun today.

I’m really encouraged that these two are not letting the press set the agenda. They calmly fielded what the press threw at them and said stuff that made the public think a bit more. It’s about time we saw more of that – standing against the apparent tide and say hang on….

Something to be positive about, I guess…