Barbie at home etc…

It was our first Saturday in months, when there wasn’t an early start in the form Padawan’s obedience training school. The night before however, we treated ourselves to having people over for dinner. It was the first time in a very long time, that we did that.

Jason and Mel messaged us about catching up for dinner on Friday night. As Tress has been stressed of late, whenever we were away from home for a little while, I thought it would be better if we got them over to our home instead. That way, the little Padawan would not be seen sitting at the window, waiting for us to return from wherever we found ourselves.

I did a barbeque with some veg, Mel did a salad from her home veg patch (mainly) and we had a good time just catching up at home. We talked late into the night and so slept in (only a little) the next morning.

The night before (Thurs night) our home group had a year-end break up dinner. We went to Enrik’s, as we did the year before. It was nice just chatting in person again, having “met” online for the most part of 2021. It was very pleasant but it did mean a little stressful time for the little Padawan so that was another reason we (more I) thought a home dinner on Fri would be kind of nice.

Tress had a hairdresser’s appointment on Sat morning so I took my time vacuuming and cleaning and generally pottered around the house straightening out this and that. Then it was off to lunch and grocery shopping before we returned and took both boys out for their walk. That night, we settled down to watch Chris Pratt in “Tomorrow’s War” – a crash bang time travelling shoot them up fare… (nuff said)…

On Sunday we headed off to St Alf’s again, and the usual pre-covid lockdown routine of St Alf’s/Lunch has well and truly resumed. After lunch, I headed out to Bunnings and got my Weber gas bottle replaced, in preparation for the turkey I’d be roasting for Christmas. Later in the arvo, I did some of my freelancing work, before we took the boys out again for their walk. It turned out to be a near perfect day in so many ways. I really hope we have seen the last of covid lockdowns.