Leaving the masks behind

The Cup Weekend just past, was very pleasant. The weather was wonderful – sunny, with clear blue skies with only the smallest breeze. To top it all off, we were finally allowed to wander around (outdoors) without having to wear our masks. It was so liberating and added a layer of happiness when we were out and about, bringing the dogs out on longer walks to soak in the sunshine.

We also caught up with friends again. On Friday night we were at the Hipos, with Gerry whipping up a really delicious braised duck dish and Mel and Jason bringing an equally delicious chicken rendang dish. We brought along a sour (assam/tamarind) fish curry that we got off Flavours of Mekong in Nunawading, a favourite haunt for Tress and I. Being a Friday night event, we didn’t have time to cook but the dish was very well received.

On Monday night, we went to Li Har and Alex’s. It was Kuang’s (their eldest) birthday and again, the Hipos and Mel and Jason were there too. After so many weeks, it was wonderful to catch up with friends again. For now, winter and the dreaded lockdowns are behind us and it has been a wonderful few days.