Twists and Turns

Several years ago, I heard someone said it was always interesting to anticipate what God has for us around the bend.

I have, at what is almost certainly a late stage of Q3 – if not already in Q4 – of my working life, commenced a new role. It is a role that has reminded me of my time in Canberra. Working for an older and wiser man, in an office that is very down to earth, and that is located within walking distance.

I have, other than on the first day, walked to work this week. The first day, Tress dropped me off, having driven “all the way” down Mahoney’s Road…

The work has presented loads of learning opportunities. Again, at this stage of my working life, I’m grateful that the grey matter gets to be worked hard again. It has made me feel alive, and the sense of dread that had started to creep into me in my final weeks of working with the American conquistadors of my erstwhile employer, has ebbed. Maybe it’s the novelty of the whole thing. I am, for now at least, having a bit of fun and like I said, I feel more alive than before.

If someone said to me this time last year, that this is what awaits me, I’d be rubbing my chin and muttering “interesting” to myself.

Some twists and turns can be good, it seems.