Warmth in Winter

It’s still a couple of weeks from winter. It has been cold, however. The rains have been coming in, too. I guess creation doesn’t follow the calendar too closely.

About 10 days ago, Tress and I drove out east. We were introduced to this adorable little furball, whom we want to see grow into a lovely adult not unlike the Little Black Jedi. We spend a little time with him, before taking him home. Little Oreo has been with us since. Other than the first day, Oreo has been like a spiced up sweet little biscuit. He can be so sweet that your heart will melt when you see or cuddle him, but he can also be a little terror that darts across the room with mischief. Right now, he is cuddled up with LBJ, snoozing to provide the sweetest little picture for me as I attempt to draft various things.

Scruff and Oreo sharing some peaceful moments.
Scruff and Oreo sharing a peaceful moment

I continue to work from home, and Tress has returned to the office for 3 days each week. Work has continued to be busy. Earlier this year, the big development at work was that my employer has been acquired by an American entity. Since then, work to complete the acquisition has fired on all cylinders. Last week was particularly busy for my boss, as the final shareholders’ meeting, together with a Court hearing – both to approve the scheme within which the acquisition was to happen – took place on Monday and Friday respectively.

A few of us have been wondering what would happen to our work – whether we will still have our jobs, and to a greater extent, what our work will look like – post completion of the acquisition. The predator is an American entity with no commercial presence in Asia/Australasia and a very small footprint in EMEA – in a different space at that. The only market it is in direct competition with my employer is in the US itself. From that perspective, it would appear my work will be far less at risk than others’, but one never knows. No sense paying it any more attention than that simple risk assessment warrants for now, I guess.

Finally, I’ve signed up to be part of a “Winter Shelter” program that’s run by the Whitehorse Churches Care cooperative. I was at a volunteer’s training on Saturday, where I bumped into Chin Moi, an old friend. The program runs for 3 months through the winter and it seeks to provide overnight shelter for homeless folks in the Whitehorse area. The shelter will be in 7 different churches, each hosting for a night each week. It starts at 5.30pm, where beds etc will be set up and meals provided. The next morning, after providing breakfast, the beds are packed away and venue cleaned to head to the next host venue. This will go on each week through the winter. After years of wondering what I can do towards alleviating the homelessness question, I can finally do my little bit in a practical sense.

So there’s the 3 winter warmers. Oreo the little new member of the family, continuing work amidst the apparent uncertainties, and a chance to do something that has long burn questions into my mind and heart.

It has been cold, but I guess this is how I manage this winter…