Back in St Alf’s

On Saturday, Tress had an AGM for the community group assistance organisation she volunteers for. I spent the most part of the morning cleaning up the gardens, and trimming the hedges closest to the deck. High levels of rains in recent weeks have resulted in luscious boughs of these hedges and the trimmings filled up the green bin pretty quickly.

The highlight of the weekend however, was a return to St Alf’s. The numbers were still limited, and the Sunday morning session we attended only allowed 50 people in. We had to book in ahead of time, and it was really good to be attending the meeting in person again. It had been close to 9 months since we were last in the auditorium, and a few people welled up a little.

Later in the arvo after St Alf’s, when I’ve done the week’s cook, I wandered off to the oval across the road, and watched a few overs of the local cricket game. It had been raining intermittently throughout the whole day, and the front lawn always looked great when it had just been mowed and then the rains came pretty much immediately thereafter. Standing just outside the parameter of the oval and taking in the actions of the batsmen, bowlers and fielders, I thought how good it was that people can now come together again.

It was a memorable, and really wonderful weekend.