Living each moment

My late dad passed on, on this day 14 years ago. As I have done in recent years, I tried to put myself in his shoes, in the past few days. I tried to imagine if he had any inkling he was soon to pass on. I also tried to recall what my experience was, in those days. I often said, given a second chance, I’d love to just speak to him more. And listen. I still miss him.

It was, those memories notwithstanding, a good weekend. We spent a couple of hours on Sat morning doing some cleaning – Tress washed the bathrooms and I vacuumed – then we headed for the city, after a stopover in Doncaster for lunch. Tress had wanted to go to a park in the city and walk. We thought of Albert Lake Park, but ended up at the Tan, around the Myer Music Bowl and the Botanic Gardens. It was really nice, with scores of groups scattered across the grounds, having picnics and walks. We even had trouble finding a carpark, and had to circle the grounds a couple of times.

Later that evening, we headed home and took the little fellow for a walk, after which I lingered and watched the local cricket game.

It was St Alf’s annual general meeting on Sunday so after viewing the service, we logged on and “attended” the meeting. It was lovely to see all those faces at the end of the meeting, when everyone’s video was turned on. We then headed out for lunch and got some groceries. After doing the week’s cook, we took the little fellow out again and I then took in another cricket game. It has been lovely to just linger around at the parklands, in shorts and without a mask, watching bowlers, fielders, batsmen all contesting and being athletic and skillful with bat and ball.

Victoria is officially COVID free. Life has returned to normal, it seems. The circle has resumed. We all live again. For now, at least. That is wonderful in itself. I guess there is something to the mantra of living every moment, making every moment counts, after all.