Warburton and warmer days

We took in the reclaimed freedom on Saturday, and took a drive out to Warburton. We were hoping to get to the Redwoods, but it remained close. Warburton on its own is lovely anyway, and we had stopped at Boronia to pick up a couple of pies and so when we got to Warburton, we sat next to the wonderful river and had a bit of lunch, before just strolling along the riverside, with dozens of others.

We had earlier in the morning, did some vacuuming so when we returned, the cleaned house felt fresher. We took the little fellow for a walk, before doing a quick barbie of salmon and asparagus. It was a wonderful day.

On Sunday, Tress had one of those ethereal events so I cooked the week’s lunches, before just idling and winding down for another really restful day. I wandered across to the oval, and sat down on the grass with a beer in hand, as I watched two local teams bowling and batting away. The guys with the leather appeared to be doing better than those wielding the willow, and the half dozen or so overs I was there, saw 5 wickets tumbled.

Later in the day, we messaged the Canberrans about the Christmas plans. I’m hopeful of a wonderful time then.

Having had a really lovely weekend, it is with despair as I read that the virus is expanding its grip in the US and Europe. The US has seen close to 180,000 new daily infections as of last Friday, and I wonder what drastic measures the health regulators there need to be recommending. I can only imagine the despair Americans would experience. The hopeful news of viable vaccines seem so much more significant now. As we head towards warmer months here down under, and move away from the grip of the virus, I hope folks elsewhere find respite in some ways.