Restored, sort of… ever so grateful.

United State of Victoria, we have finally become. No longer bound and hemmed in by the “ring of steel”, or the 25km radius restriction that has kept Melburnians separated from the rest of Victoria for such a long time.

The air has cleared and the mood has palpably changed for the better. I feel better now. I’m in a better space – far better than I have been in recent months. It feels like the grip of the virus has loosened and we can, at long last, shake off its hold on us. It still hovers however, so we continue to don our masks, wash our hands, carry sanitizers with us, and be wary in public indoor places with lots of people.

I guess the best of all, is the fact that Tress and I can now put together a plan to be with Kiddo and Mic over the Christmas period. That is certainly something to look forward to.

Over the weekend, we did stuff that somehow, reflected that better mood. The lawns look very tidy now, and the spot on the edge of the front lawn that was cleared of a dying shrub in recent weeks, is now planted with a couple of new flowering shrubs. We went to Bunnings yesterday and picked up those plants, along with a couple of other gardening stuff. I also did some cooking, and dropped off a few meals for the a couple we know, who recently went on the “Meal Train” program that we’re on.

Tress and I have also been to a local Malaysian cafe over the weekend, and for two consecutive days. The food was good, but even better was the fact that we could go out and have our meals in situ at the cafe.

A remaining major milestone I look forward to now, is to be at St Alfred’s again, seeing other members and singing, and participating in the service together again. For now however, I am ever so grateful for what that has been restored to us.