Weary and frustrated

A sense of weariness is starting to weigh me down. It has been 7 months since we were told to work from home, and some 13-14 weeks since we’re not allowed to venture more than 5km from our homes.

Over the weekend, Tress and I did the usual. We cleaned and shopped, which have been our break activities for what feels like the longest time. The warmer and sunnier days that show up a bit more now however, gave me a little lift. One of the things we cleaned was the barbeque, and we cooked a chunk of skate on it last night. That was nice.

As I was cooking the skate, a relo sent, via WhatsApp, some black and white pics. They were pics of a number of us when we were very young. I later told Tress those pics are about 5o years old. That was amazing.

Tress and I have been watching the Breaking Bad series in recent days. Desperate circumstances make people do desperate things. I wonder what many Melburnians would do, under our increasingly wearisome and frustrating circumstances.