Spring cleaning, and wonderful presents

“Spring” and “cleaning” often appear together, and for good reasons. Spring cleaning ruled my Saturday just passed.

On Friday night however, we caught up again for “drink” on zoom, with the Lim’s, Chew’s and Hippos. It was good as always. I guess it gets us ready and warmed for when we can meet in person again.

Spring cleaning Saturday was a warm and humid (only mildly) day. I cleaned all the internal windows and glass surfaces, removed fly screens from every room and washed them, and cleaned the internal window frames. The glass panes in the toilet in the laundry got a good clean too, as did the back laundry doors. Tress got busy with weeding and laundry and when we finally settled down for lunch close to 2pm, we were both tired but I had wanted to push on with giving the deck a bit of a “scrub” too. My plan was to re-oil it in a week or so. So, I pushed on but had to stop just before 4pm – we had a online viewing booked. We were to view a new litter of pups but when we logged on, every pup in that litter had been taken up so it was a very short viewing.

Later, we took the little fellow for a walk and it was very pleasant to be able to walk him decked out in shorts and sandals.

On Sunday, after St Alf’s online service, I ducked out to get some stuff for the week’s cook, came back to do the cook, and then spent the rest of the day basking in love and attention. It was my birthday and I felt spoilt. Tress got me a couple of very good looking bottles of red, Kiddo got me a beautiful watch band and just as we were preparing to get some takeouts for lunch, the Lim’s texted Tress to say lunch was on the way. We had a delicious briyani and butter chicken… yum… delicious fares, washed down with numerous wishes that came in on social media,,,

Later that arvo, we walked to the Chase to get some chicken to cook for the little fellow’s dinners, and finally, after cooking his dinners, settled down to put our feet up. Rest for the weekend at last…

We then saw that there were only 14 new cases of COVID for the day – the lowest number since June. It is starting to look promising and I guess like many Melburnians, I started to be optimistic. It was a wonderful birthday present. Thank you, Lord…