A better second half?

It was a weekend of 2 halves. The weather folks said, on Friday, that it was going to rain from about Sat arvo. It came much earlier, and Sat was a washout.

After Tress’ usual weekend delish brekky, I decided to clear out some old clothes. I emptied a couple of drawers and sorted out stuff. I think I threw out about half. When that was done, I cooked lunch for us. Tress loves fried rice and we haven’t had that for a while, so she cooked some rice earlier on, stuck it in the fridge to dry it out, and when I was done with my mini Kondo-ing, I did that fried rice. I had to make sure I made Uncle Roger proud. Nigel Ng has become synonymous with all sorts of fried rice memes and send up’s so I decided to take a picture of my end product for the customary social media contribution. We all need a laugh at these times. It’s also a soft landing to this wet Saturday.

Later that arvo I went out for grocery shopping, and came back to prep the chooks for the next day’s cook. Later, we watched Captain America et al battle Thanos, to no avail. I had wanted to catch the late Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of the Black Panther again, but did not want the whole serve. It was tough seeing Thanos prevailing but we all know what happened in the End Game. I’ll keep that in the back pocket for the next wet Saturday night.

Weather wise, Sunday was the complete opposite of the previous day. So, after the St Alf’s online service, we planned to make the most of it. The service though, was interesting as it focused on Peter MacPherson’s 20 years of service as t he Senior Minister. He is much loved. To me, he is almost always the clear thinking, feet planted firmly on the ground, godly and deliberate leader.

After the online service, I did the week’s cook – 5 substantial serves of a chicken and mushroom plus red cabbage combo that are all stuck away in the freezer. With the cook done, I headed out to get some fuel for the mower, and came back to make the most of the sunny weather. I pruned back the milkwort outside our bedroom, that had grown to cover most of the window. It was a pity the bright flowers had to be cut back but it was much needed pruning. With the heavy pruning, the cob webbed windows showed all of its dust and crusts so I cleaned that and the other windows too, as well as the sliding door on the deck. That meant most of the outward facing glass surfaces got some much needed cleaning. Tress too, had been busy weeding, cleaning and generally tidying stuff out. She then went out to get “lunch” and did some more grocery shopping as I finished up with a quick mowing.

When we were done, it was well past 4pm… St Alf’s service was done by 10.30am., which meant we had spent nearly 6 hours of housekeeping stuff… After cleaning up and the very late “lunch” we walked the little fellow, soaking up the rest of the very pleasant sunny arvo.

As we wound up the day (and weekend), we caught up with the news and saw that there has been much discontent with how the State has managed this second wave of this awful virus. Protests at the Victoria Market in the city brought heavy police presence that created scenes that were once more associated with parts of Europe or lately, parts of the US. I had earlier responded to a few emails that talked about widely felt discontent with how the Premier Daniel Andrews has been handling this second wave, and said I hoped the decisions would be reviewed. I felt that the community that those emails circulated in, were a bit defensive of what Dan Andrews had done. I believe there was a bit of tribalism going on there, but that is only my personal opinion I guess.

I hope with the weather warming up, we’d see better days before too long. This weekend has been one of two halves, weather wise at least. I hope we are entering a better second half, in more ways than one.