Plumbing New Depths

Melbourne continues to tumble down the ever steeper slopes of this pandemic. With modelling outcomes suggesting infections exceeding 1,000 each day, we’re now in a state of disaster.

Curfew commenced at 8pm last night and would last, initially, for 6 weeks.

All measures undertaken to address the “second wave” that reared its ugly head a little over 4 weeks ago, have failed. Many thought we’ve hit rock bottom but we continue to plumb new depths.

On Saturday morning, we slept in a little and I then logged in to an Annual General Meeting of Steer. It’s unusual to sit in front of a couple or screens as usually, at this time of the year, we’d be in a hall somewhere in the outer eastern suburbs, as we convene this annual event. We continue to chalk up unusual new experiences.

Tress did truckloads of housework through the nearly 3 hours of AGM presentations and discussions. She did the laundry, and tidied up lawns strewn with weeds and other contaminants.

Later that arvo, we had takeaway from a local joint before we took the little fellow for a walks, and then went out for some grocery shopping. As we did that, we followed the Hawks’ game against Carlton. The Blues have been a perennial cellar dweller and although they have a superstar in Cripps, they haven’t had much success in recent years. So when they went 5 goals to nothing up against the Hawks in the first quarter, it felt like the Hawks too would be plumbing new depths. Alas, the turnaround was strong in the second quarter and we finally prevailed. It’s good to stop the losing streak, albeit against the Blues.

Sunday was the same as recent Sundays. We took the St Alf online service, with Andrea speaking of lament. It’s the second time in recent months this topic came up as a message in St Alf’s service. Mark had spoken about this too. Towards the end, there was a video with someone speaking about writing our own lament. After the state of disaster and curfew declaration last night, that sounded like exactly the thing to do.

After the “service”, I prepped the cook and then gave Tress’ car a wash. We then had a takeaway lunch from some place a bit further out, mindful that it would likely be the last time we could do this, for a little while. We then took the little fellow for a walk. It had been a beautiful weekend weather wise, so it was a treat to take him out for his walk. We came back, I did the cook, and then Kiddo and Mic did a face time chat with us for a little bit. I said to them we want to move up to Canberra. A very small part of that is true…

We started watching the series “Unorthodox” last night. It’s a strange one. A lady from an ultra orthodox Jewish community in New York city “escaped” to Berlin to look for her mother, who had been estranged from her father, who liked a drink. “Esty” had been brought up by her grandmother and an aunt and had an arranged marriage to Yanky Shapiro, a shtreimel wearing lad. We watched a couple of episodes but are none the wiser on the reason(s) for her “escape”. I’m looking forward to watching further episodes. It feels like the right antidote to this new depths of despair we now face. Stranger experience I have not had.