Domestic re-organizing

My workmates were supposed to have an online drinks session on Friday. It got cancelled at the last minute and my boss rang me shortly after cancelling it, to explain why he cancelled it. He asked how I was doing and I told him other than feeling a bit flat, I was fine. I said most people probably felt the same way and he said that was why he teed up the “drinks” session.

That same sentiment – feeling a touch flat – was echoed on Thursday night when we had the online meeting with the home group. I guess that really was how most people felt. It didn’t make me feel better, somehow, to know that my feeling flat wasn’t an unusual response to what’s been happening in recent weeks.

The numbers haven’t provided any cause for celebrations, and more cases of deaths have been reported. As I write this, the trajectory of the infections may look like this chart:

Adding to all that gloom, is how Hawthorn has slipped and fell off the cliff. Four losses on the trot, and allegations of salary cap breaches in the 80’s and 90’s, all piled on the happy club that has become the envy of many. Thankfully, Man United won its last game of the season overnight. That meant we’re in the Champions League next year.

On Saturday, after a sleep-in and a late brekky, Tress and I set out to clean the house. I had also wanted to reconfigure the study, which has been my office for over 4 1/2 months. I wanted more access to natural light so I moved my desk, so that it sits next to the window. The window had been directly behind me and the wall in front of me, and the corner where the desk had sat, had been dark, and light from the window appears to have faded by the time it hit my work space.

I did the re-organizing, cleaned stuff up a bit, and then went out for grocery shopping. Shopping has become a bit of a pain since it became mandatory to wear face masks. It can get a bit disorientating. So Tress and I fumbled our way through the shops and supermarkets. We got all the shopping done eventually, and I also picked up a new extension chord as my desk is now furthest from the power points.

I wanted to make sure the room was neat so I ran the chord along the edges, to ensure no cables ran across the room. I had to line the chord behind the piano and I was on my knees to work the cable along the carpet edges. I was thinking of getting a tool to hide the cable under the carpet edges, when I got up just under the piano. I hit the back of my head against a sharp corner and felt the pain instantly. As I rubbed my hand against my head, I discovered the damage was a touch worse than expected – blood streamed through my hand and I called out to Tress to get some towels. I was more worried about staining the carpet at first, but the pain stayed on so I got some ice to place on the damaged site…

The “office” eventually got re-organized when the daze went away.

Sunday saw us doing the usual stuff. After an online service with St Alf’s, I did some prepping for the week’s cook before going to get a takeaway lunch. We then took the little fellow for a long walk, before coming home and doing the cooking. As I cooked, I followed the West Coast Eagles game against the Pies. The Eagles put on a display that made, for the first time this season, football fun to watch again. It was probably the first game in weeks that I watched right through. The Eagles kicked over 110 points, probably the highest score all season.

With Masterchef all done and dusted, we wondered what we would do on a Sunday night. We ended up just looking at stuff on facebook and I told myself I must find time and space to read again. I haven’t read a book since the lock down began. That’s 4 1/2 months of wasted time. I probably need to do a different sort of re-organizing – that of my routine – to create time and space, for reading again.