Back to office (for a day) and anniversary discovery

I went into the office last Friday, for the first time in about 3 months. There was a bunch of statutory documents that my bosses needed to sign and I had to witness their signatures. I had witnessed signatures during the lock down period over video conferencing but this time, there were 2 signatories and there were a few to be signed and witnessed and the logistics involved would require too many hoops to be jumped through. Going in would make it easier for several people and I also thought it would be good to go in to sort of refresh stuff a little bit.

I was also in a bit of a upbeat mode as the Hawks had trounced the reigning premiers (Tigers) the night before. It was the second game from when the virus plagued season restarted, and we had started disastrously by losing to a “not that good” side in Geelong. Clarkson had made that quoted statement in a press conference after that game, saying Hawks were just terribly poor to have lost that game. We certainly made up for it in spades in that game on Thursday night.

I drove to the office, as public transport is still a no-go zone for me, and got in a bit after 8am. It felt strange in various ways. Most strange of all is how grateful I am now, to be able to work without this commute into the office. I used to prefer working in the office, but the past 3 months has, I think, altered my preference – particularly as it took me well over an hour for the drive back later that day.

Later that night, we went to our local shopping centre/mall for dinner. The top floor is a dining and entertainment floor and we had been there often, for dinner or to catch a movie. The mall is only less than a click from our home so it’s a no brainer.

Saturday was Tress and my wedding anniversary, so after a day of cleaning the house, we went to a local Vietnamese joint for dinner (in the same mall), to celebrate the occasion. The restaurant was very good – far better than the last time we went there which was soon after it opened. There was a fresh menu and the service was very good, so we decided it would be a local favourite.

We promptly returned to the same Vietnamese restaurant the next day, after doing the St Alf’s online service. We had also then gone to Ringwood as I had wanted to get a new pair of trainers for my extended daily walks. I had, since the lock down, done a daily lunch time neighbourhood walk that took 45-50 minutes, and over about 5 1/2 km. That is still no where near the daily 8km I used to run but a walk that is close to an hour had caused my toes to bruise and I realised I hadn’t gotten proper training shoes for a little while now. I found a relatively cheap pair (under a hundred bucks) and Tress found a really nice deal too in a different shop so we both got much needed trainers to look ahead.

I spent the rest of the arvo doing our usual cook, including for the little guy, and it was a grey and rainy day, which didn’t help recollection of Sim’s passing over a week ago now. I had also been looking at an MX5 and had gone to look at one several weeks ago. The owner had texted me on Friday and I had mulled over a response. I finally did when we were at lunch at the Vietnamese place, to say I’m not presently considering it anymore. Later, I exchanged WhatsApp messages with my brother and we alluded to how we missed Sim. I guess she will remain in our hearts and minds for some time yet.