Long weekend, restrictions easing

After nearly 3 months of having our lives tossed around, we finally started to creep out for some normality, over this past long weekend. My thoughts about the monarchy are a little bit schizophrenic but at times like this, I’m glad we get to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and have a long weekend.

We went to Alex and Li Har’s on Friday night and caught up with them over dinner. They had Gerry & Jesslyn (and their two girls) and Jason and Mel along so it was really nice. Li Har’s mum had passed away a few days earlier and we weren’t sure if Li Har would be up for a catch up but she said she’d like to see us and I was very happy we could all catch up. It was our first social get together since the pandemic shutdown happened so it was a little bit special.

On Saturday, we slept in, and cleaned the house again before heading out for lunch at the local shopping centre. Cafes and restaurants had started up again, with limited seating, and it felt like normality has returned, in some ways. We went to a Chinese hot pot place, as Tress wanted some soupy stuff to stave off the cold, presumably. Later that arvo we took the little guy for a walk.

On Sunday we did our usual St Alf online thing after which we pottered around the house while we waited to do a video conference call with Sim. My brother, his wife and our mum were to leave Penang later that day, having spent a week with Sim up there. I was very grateful to have been able to see and talk to Sim and everyone again, and not for the first time, I found myself being appreciative for the serendipitous aspect of the pandemic. Zoom calls have become so normal and I have been able to see and speak with her and the family much more easily as a result. After that call, we had wanted to return to the hot pot place again but there was a long line waiting to get in so we got some roti from across the street instead. We then did some grocery shopping before returning home to take the little guy for a walk again.

Later that night we settled down to watch the Master Chef TV show and that led us to look for a pie joint the next day. We drove eastward, found a well known pie shop in Boronia, and then took a drive through Mount Dandenong before returning to Boronia for a pie lunch. We then went home, took the guy for a walk, and I then did some cooking for the week’s lunches. Tress and I had also teed up a getaway in several weeks, together with Kiddo and Mic. I’m really looking forward to that.