Ripples Battering

Autumn ends in about 3 weeks. It felt however, like winter is already here. It rained again on Saturday, and it was cold too. Tress had a dentist appointment in the morning and when she left, I gave the little guy a bath. I tried to keep the water warm right through but the medicated shampoo we give him needed to be on him for at least 15 minute. The poor little guy was shivering at times and I patted, scratched, and cuddled him. He’s such a sweet dog.

Later in the arvo we picked up some lunch from somewhere in Knox, shared some of it with a new neighbour whom we met a couple of weeks ago and discovered were Malaysians, and then just pottered around. It’s that sort of lazy, gloomy, wet and cold day that just steals all manner of life from you. I haven’t felt so lousy on a Saturday for a very long time now. I ended up reading some material for the home group lead I was tasked with for the next time we meet. I don’t feel like it at all, but what do you do when you’re in a group and you have to make some form of contribution, and not just receive all the time.

Sunday was Mother’s Day so I cooked Tress a brekky. I sent out some messages on some of the chat groups I’m in, and then as we have our second coffee, we watched the St Alf online service. Peter spoke about Jesus being tempted by the devil. He ended his talk with a little exchange with Mike Bird, a respected theologian. It was about how Jesus divinity did not stop his being tempted. Heb 4 was cited. I guess it was a touch timely, as although I’m not in a space where being tempted is an issue, the sense of being tired, of being edgy is, I tell myself, a very human experience. Jesus surely felt that way too, when he was on earth as a human. I guess that provided some solace.

We spent the rest of the arvo doing our usual things. We picked up lunch from Doncaster somewhere, did some shopping and later in the day I cooked some of the week’s lunches.

I have a couple of meetings lined up today – meetings I do not feel like calling in for. I’m feeling the proverbial Gump tiredness but going home isn’t going to be the remedy I’m looking for. Not while all around me, and I, are being ravaged by ripples of the Wuhan Virus.