It was Anzac Day last Saturday. Usually, Tress and I would just enjoy the day off, and follow some of the services on TV. This year however, we decided to join in the commemoration by doing the “end of driveway” thing. So we got up a bit after 5.30am, went out to the end of our driveway, and thought about all those who had fought for Australia in numerous wars, but particularly at Gallipoli. It was heart warming to see, on our streets, numerous homes doing the same thing. We all had candles (ours is a virtual one on our phone), listened to The Ode and then the Last Post. A little while later, we went back in, and followed proceedings on TV.

Later in the day, I jumped on YouTube and watched a few videos to remind myself of what went on at Gallipoli in 1915. It was a massacre but out of that awful event, Australia’s identity as a nation took shape. ScoMo the PM said Anzac Day is a sacred day for all Australians¬† – how right he is.

It was a restful weekend. Funny that the idea of rest features when we’re at home for the most part. Other than a very quick trip to the shops late Friday arvo, the only other time we left home was late on Sat morning when Tress and I drove to South Yarra to pick up a little piece of furniture. Since we switched to the NBN, I had wanted to get something to house all those additional equipment (2 modems, heaps of cable and power board) so that they all don’t just sit haphazardly in the corner of our dining room. I finally found a nice wooden piece and picked it up on Sat morning.

It had been a wet weekend again too, so we did the usual stuff at home. We also celebrated little Micah’s birthday via online video conferencing. Loads of people called and it looked like a decent substitute for a proper party up at Woodend.

Late yesterday arvo, just after 6pm, Tress and I downloaded the “COVID Safe” app on our phones. It’s the contact tracing app designed to track down persons who have had contact with someone who’s contracted the virus. We hope this is something that will expedite our return to life before COVID. This morning, the Queensland Premier confirmed what was reported last night – Queenslanders will have some restrictions eased up from this Friday (1 May). Victoria appears to still be in locked down mode until at least 12 May, but I sincerely hope we can follow in Queensland’s steps. Soon.