Staying Sane

I’m into week 3 of working from the study in our home. I’m starting to get used to this. Especially with the little fellow sitting at my feet, often under the desk.

I’ve been stopping work each day at the office, at 4pm or thereabouts, to peel an orange. Everyone in the office knows this is what I do. I still do it now, at home. I now peel however, 2 oranges. 3 of us share these 2 oranges. Tress and the little fellow appear to enjoy the 4pm orange as much as I do.

There has been a raft of alteration to our routine.

Sundays, however, continue to see the core activities undertaken. St Alf’s after brekky, but we now sit at our dining table, with a cup of coffee in hand, to participate in the service. Yesterday, after St Alf’s, we pottered in the front garden while we waited for Arjun the plumber, to show up. He arrived late morning, just after 11am. Our very old heater hadn’t been serviced for the longest time, but it has now been serviced.

Arjun had started the work on Saturday morning. We were also working on the front yard while we waited for him. When he finally arrived late morning, he checked the heater, tested for carbon monoxide emission (thankfully nil) and serviced the whole thing and replaced a capacitor. I guess we’re more ready now, to be at home through the winter, if we needed to.

After Arjun left yesterday morning, we tidied up the place, I finished the work in tidying the front yard and footpath, and then we ordered and picked up lunch from a Vietnamese place in Mount Waverley. Proud Peacock continues to serve fresh and delicious Vietnamese fare, but only via takeaways.

After lunch at home, I prepped to cook some of the week’s lunches. That hasn’t changed.

I had wanted, from about Friday night, to check out an MX5 way yonder in Greensborough. I’ve been experiencing separation anxiety since we sold the other one. I hope to land on an NC2 PRHT with manual transmission, and saw this beauty owned by a lady way yonder. It has Recaro seats and BBS 18 inches wheels to boot. It really looked good. However, I had no peace about going to Greensborough under present circumstances. ScoMo has now tightened our freedom even more, and for very good reasons. So I texted the lady on Saturday night, telling her my concerns.

That beautiful specimen of a wonderful car may or may not still be available at the end of this phase. Like all other aspects of life at this time, I hope to emerge “on the other side” on a footing that sees everything budding again.

On Saturday, while Arjun was working above the ceiling, I sat in my study, at my desk, waiting for his callouts for tools, instructions to turn the heater on/off, and generally assist him. As I waited, I watched old footy games on the AFL website. That was good in some ways I guess. The series of “last 2 minutes” videos were very exciting and it made waiting on Arjun less unbearable.  I also watched clips of various things – Robin Williams, Paul Simon, Paul Kelly… I wonder how many others are now so reliant on YouTube and other web broadcasts, to stay sane.

Mental health has been another concern, so this morning, in the handful of work emails I’ve sent out so far, I’ve wished them a sane day. I hope everyone I know remain not just safe and healthy, but sane, through this COVID 19 madness.