Schadenfreude. Hattrick. Mea Culpa.

I recently got roped into a WhatsApp chat group that was created by a group from my secondary school back in Klang. Named “Class of 82”, it is a bunch of ex La Sallians from Klang who are bathing in nostalgia.

Given the shemozzle that is Malaysian politics now, the current topic of conversations amongst Malaysians have been on a “WTF” approach. As I write, Muhyiddin Yassin has been appointed a Prime Minister of Malaysia. Mahathir Mohamad, the nonagenarian who was given the reigns in May 2018, has been tied up in knots by those of his coalition partners who continue to hold on to the idea that Malays must rule in Malaysia. Chinese, particularly those from the Democratic Action Party – DAP – must never be given any influence over how the country is ruled.

Muhyiddin Yassin was a deputy prime minister in Najib Razak’s government. He was an UMNO man for a very long time, before he left to join Mahathir Mohamad in the latter’s newly minted vehicle, “Bersatu” leading up to the May 2018 elections. I imagine it takes only a very small leap for him to return to his familiar cauldron of racial politics in upholding the eminence of Malays and subjugating the rights and interests of Chinese and Indians.

All that shenanigans in Malaysia only cemented our long vindicated position of bidding farewell to Malaysia all those years ago. Friend and ex-colleagues who still live there, now tell their children to build their homes away from that blighted country.

Other than those brouhahas, the weekend also saw a couple of comeuppances. Of sorts. The smug Chinese swimmer that is now a double confirmed drug cheat, Sun Yang, was finally dealt his long overdue penalty. He has been found guilty and banned for 8 long years, by CAS (Court for Arbitration for Sport). An arrogant cheat who thumbed his nose at fellow competitors who stood against his cheating ways, he had recklessly and arrogantly (and most probably stupidly) smashed vials containing his blood (and urine?) samples during a surprise drug test. He claimed procedural improprieties, but smashing those vials go beyond such claims, surely? I was very glad that the Aussie champion Mack Horton, has been vindicated. Some of my Facebook friends took issue with me when Mack Horton stood his ground during a world swimming competition and refused to share a podium with Sun Yang. We had extended exchanges then. I’m glad Mack Horton is vindicated now.

At St Alf’s on Sunday, Mike McNamara a minister, couldn’t resist mentioning Watford’s triumph over Liverpool in the English Premier League. They thumped the champions in waiting 3-0, and brought the latter’s long unbeaten run to a crushing halt. Like Gary Neville, I felt like popping a champagne.

I couldn’t help but soak in a sense of schadenfreude, and a hattrick at that. Malaysian politics and the circus that comes with that, Sun Yang’s validation as a drug cheat, and Liverpool’s stutter.

Sometimes, recognising I am such a sinner, brings a wicked smile nonetheless. Romans 7:15 bears on me but I couldn’t help but feel the wicked humour those events brought.

And of course, our usual weekend routine grounded away without abatement. The lawn and garden are tidied and clean, the meals (ours and the Little Black Jedi’s) cooked, grocery etc re-stocked, haircut done, etc etc etc….