HESTA Fossil Fuel Fiasco

I am increasingly befuddled by the likes of a doctor who appeared on a radio show yesterday afternoon. A Dr Fiona Stanley was a guest on the show of Tom Elliot on 3AW Drive show, when I was driving home from the station after work yesterday.

Dr Fiona Stanley was to speak about HESTA super fund investments in fossil fuel related companies. Dr Stanley was going to, apparently, seek HESTA divestment of all fossil fuel investments.

I switched off when Dr Fiona Stanley came on. I had enough.

If Dr Stanley wanted to have nothing to do with fossil fuel investment, she should just switch funds. HESTA is not just for medical doctors. It is also a fund for many health sector employees. To many of these employees, what matters more is the return that augments their retirement nest eggs.  If Dr Stanley thinks that is of lesser importance than her views on climate change matters, she can simply transfer her super elsewhere. To impose her own agenda on others is something I cannot stand listening to.

It was easy to tune out of Tom Elliot’s show yesterday, when the likes of Dr Fiona Stanley is on.