I can probably replicate my usual Monday memos to this journal, for the weekend that just went by. There was a child safety training in St Alf’s yesterday after the service and that was probably the only departure from business as usual.

Business as usual had Mike McNamara deliver a really good sermon on temple theology, when the series on 1 Kings got to the part where Solomon built the temple.

Business as usual also had me, the only Asian amongst 4 others middle aged Anglo-Saxon white males, inspecting a business premise on Wantirna Road on Saturday morning. We were there to look at the prospects of Steer buying its own office premises, several years after selling and leaving the Court St property.

Business as usual meant I worked on the lawns on Sat, did some cooking on Sunday. I guess Tress at the hairdresser’s on Sat morning was not a business as usual matter, but it’s pretty much the usual type of weekend.

As always, routine is good. I should relish it, I guess.