When you know…

Honestly…” – My boss – a Caucasian – likes to preface his (exasperated) statements so.

Chan Hai Ah…” is the Cantonese equivalent. You hear that a lot from Hong Kongers.

Sit Chai…” is often heard uttered by my father-in-law. That is an old Hokkien expression.

I guess we all appeal to some unexpressed truth of some form. We believe there are universal, obvious truths. Truths that I think make us wonder what others were thinking when they ignore them.

I guess sometimes, distilling what that truth may be, becomes very hard. Maybe that’s when we throw our hands in the air and do a Pontius Pilate to suggest who knows what truth is anyway.

Maybe, truths are “too hard” because they can be inconvenient. Maybe, and I’m guessing often, truths are “too hard” when the vox populi runs counter to them.

This morning, when I read of Margaret Court’s views about reactions to her expressed beliefs, and then when I heard my boss uttered his favourite preface, I wondered when my city will come to read and think about what Jesus said in John 14:6.