Busily heading…where?

Another busy weekend passed. The busyness was entirely to do with the domestic front. The dirty week, weather wise, meant the lawns, flower beds, etc require another weekend of work. The wagon also needed a service and I had booked it in earlier in the week so that was what we did first thing on Saturday – dropped it off at the mechanic’s.

The night before, we caught up with J & M again for dinner. This time it was at a Malaysian joint in Mount Waverley. We thought we’d let them pick the place for a change, as our Friday night catch-up dinners are usually our pick. As usual, it was a good time of just chatting away. When we got home it was close to 10pm and the conditions had cooled and before long, I felt I was crashing out as I struggled to keep awake while watching tele on the couch.

After dropping off the wagon at the mechanic’s we went home and Tress did a whole lot of weeding while I tidied up the lawns etc. I had the blower on, turned on the vacuum function, and kept it going as much as possible, until it was time to pick up the car before the mechanic finished up on their usual Saturday 1pm close.

We then had lunch in a lovely Japanese café in Ringwood, then did some quick grocery shopping after that and before heading to our usual shopping centre to catch a movie.

“1917” has received really good reviews and I have always been a fan of Sam Mendes so it was a no brainer and Tress had booked the tickets earlier in the week. It was a really good movie.

I often say to Tress one of the really enjoyable things of summer is how late the sun sets. Long days let you do so much more and you just feel better for them. It was nearly 7pm when we finished the movie and got home and there was still plenty of time to walk the little guy for a bit.

On Sunday, Mike continued with the series on 1 Kings and I continue to wonder what I needed to do with my faith journey. Like other aspects of my life, that has settled into a routine, a rhythm, that sometimes makes me feel like I’m not sure where the direction or purpose is. I just “get on with it”, not really knowing where I’m heading. After lunch, we went home and I did the week’s cook, which included roasting some meats on the weber, cooking some cabbages and also doing the little guy’s meals. Towards the end, the forecasted storms made their way in and while it was lovely to see the rain belting down, elsewhere in the surrounding suburbs, there were reports of large hailstones pelting down. It wasn’t until about 6pm that everything was cleaned up and packed away and Tress had also done the breakfast smoothies so we could put our feet up again.

We had been receiving social media and messaging clips about the coming Chinese New Year. A part of me feels glad and relieved that we are not in a community where loads of chaotic noises would pollute the streets, restaurants and shopping malls at this time of the year. Another part of me however, as usual, wished it wasn’t so hard to have family around under circumstances which are far more serene and far less “noisy”. In as much as I’m seeking and asking about purpose and direction, I’m not unhappy we’re just busily “getting on with it”. Living may be it.