Kiddo’s New Home, Back in Melb office

I got back to Melbourne last Friday night, and got home just before 9pm. It was wonderful to be back.

The next day, Tress and I slept in a little bit and then went about our usual weekend routine. Kiddo and Mic however, had a big day lined up. Their purchase of their new home was settled the day before and they were to move on Saturday. With a bad toothache and horrible removalists, their day became a tough one but they ploughed through and have now settled into their new home. Their old home, which Tress and I bought for them to live in, is now on the market.

On Saturday night, Tress and I went to a dinner party. It was in the home of a friend Tress had made through her ethereal activities. Of the 6 of us there that night, only 2 weren’t involved in those activities but other than that, they all appeared to be regular and nice folks so it was a pleasant evening of getting to know new people.

On Sunday, I trialed a cook I hadn’t done for a while. While the cook was going, a couple of emails came through from my CEO, who is now in Abu Dhabi to continue to negotiations I had left to return to Melbourne. He had a couple of questions for me and while I responded, I took my time with them, especially the second and follow up one. I later said to Tress I was just uninterested in showing wholehearted enthusiasm, seeing how the company has been quite a laggard in showing appreciation or respect to its staff. It’s  a week out before Christmas and we are yet to receive letters advising salary review/outcome of the performance exercise etc. It’s actually ok if we dont get a review, considering how sloppy the economy and business has been, but if you’re going to get staff to go through jumping hoops from the performance review exercise, you need to show you care about communicating the outcome in a timely fashion.  To be so careless in that space shows a lot of disrespect and lack of care for staff.

This morning, I’m back to my routine of getting up in the wee hours and hopping onto the train before 6am. My usual 5.45am is now getting ever more congested. I guess no matter how ordinary I feel about my employers, as long as there is work to provide me with a routine, I’d not be unhappy. Especially with the coming Christmas holidays.