Wet weekend,etc… (& new buy…)

It has been drab on recent weekends. On Saturday, it rained all day, so it was indoor activities. Tress had an appointment with the hairdresser but somehow managed to squiz in some vacuuming before heading out. I have the little black jedi a bath, and clipped his nails. I had also pottered around the house, getting some WD40 into door hinges and places like that. We ended the day by getting doing a delicious barbie – throwing a whole snapper on the Weber together with some asparagus and eggplant. The wonderful meal, washed down with some uncharacteristic red, finished – along with the washing up – in time for me to settle down to watch Episode VI of the Star Wars series that have been showing on a free to air channel in recent weeks.

The night before, we caught up with Jason and Mel at our favourite local Italian. They had been on a holiday to the Mediterranean – Croatia, Greece etc. – and had only come back a few days prior. It was good to catch up with them again.

On Sunday, after St Alf’s we continued our whole fish journey from the night before, and had another whole fish in our usual local Asian place. It was again, very satisfying. Back home later in the arvo, the little black jedi had been unwell and he didn’t want his usual walk, and Tress busied herself with some weeding. So I headed out for a brisk walk/slow jog myself. I hadn’t run for just over 4 years now. I had longed to be able to run again but things have changed since I stopped running. I managed to jog just under 1km, of the 3.5km walk, before the knee felt it again. The brisk walk however, was really good and it was probably the best I felt all weekend.

Kiddo and Mic should be tying up the contract this week. Their offer for a house in Kambah had been accepted midweek last week and on Friday night, I had a call with their mortgage broker to tie up the last loose bit for a little parental advance from Tress and I. It must be exciting for them. I am too, for them. 3 years on since we bought the place they’re now living in, they’ve just bought their own home. They’ve come a long way, and it feels wonderful.